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The Team


At IDA Promotions, our team of experts has been tirelessly searching for the best deals all around the world to help you save your hard-earned money. Our journey began in 2020 during the global pandemic when we knew just how tough things were getting for many people. We realized the potential of affiliate marketing and decided to fully explore it.

Our goal is to offer you tried and tested brands with decent to significant price reductions across all realms of online retail shopping. From cosmetics, health and beauty, electronics, sporting equipment, kitchenware, to apparel, we have it all covered.

To find these amazing deals, we use various analytical software that helps us get insight into what products are trending, or about to trend. We understand that you have a lot of options out there, but we hope you choose us to make your shopping experience an unforgettable one!

We don’t get paid unless you follow the links, so we make sure to offer the best deals there are. Start saving today and have a great shopping experience with us!

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IDA Promotions.